26 Trofeo S.C. Corsanico, Pisa, Italy

Yesterday was my second attempt at Italian Elite National road racing and I'm super happy to report that after 4+ hours of intense racing I got my best result to date coming home in 13th from a field of 150 riders.

The course was pretty strange with the main climbs and insane descents being separated by a huge 80km section of flat.

Now feeling much better and with my form staring to return I was aggressive and active from the start and got involved in most of the breakaways throughout the race.

I probably did a little too much work towards the end of the race....My teammate Callum was in the front break and I was marking the chasing group but getting frequently hassled to contribute. Riders were showing their annoyance by trying to put me out the back by letting wheels go and forcing me to chase on so I decided it was probably better to take my turn although this definitely affected my finishing ability on the day.

Having said that it's a huge learning curve and getting 13th in my second crack at top flight italian racing in only my second season of road racing is pretty damn sweet!

Huge thanks to Flavio Zappi for all his help so far and for giving me this incredible opportunity to race for his team.