80 Coppa Collecchio, Nr Parma, Italy

Not a great race for me....Was feeling great and started well but not too far into the race my seat decided it had had enough and parted company with the seat post....

Of course this happened in the tightest most technical part of the route so I had to continuously stand up for around 20mins before I could drop back to the team car.

Let's just say various 'undorthodox' solutions were tried whilst I clung to the side of the car and teammate Callum wielded the 'magic spanner' but all to no avail so in the end we stopped and I changed over to Knoxy's spare bike which was way too big, so the day went from bad to much worse....chased back on....another bike change.....chased back on.....another bike change....chased back on....legs now screwed and got dropped on the final circuit :(

Oh well at least I got plenty of 'moving up through the convoy' experience...some days it just ain't your day! On to the next race....this Sunday, stay tuned... :)